Our Work

What does planetary health look like in action?

This page explores our current work, highlighting the work of staff and students alike. Scroll down for information about exciting research projects that are helping humans live healthy lives within our planetary boundaries while supporting healthy ecosystems. If you have content you would like to see posted here, please contact us at: planet@sfu.ca

We actively engage with students and faculty in our group, hosting several events each semester including planetary health information sessions, journal club meetings, and other exciting events with engaging speakers and thought-provoking activities. Sign up for our email list to learn more!

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Some of the research currently being undertaken by our faculty and student researchers includes:

  • Advancing equitable adaptation to climate change impacts on human health across BC and beyond.
  • Asking how climate action contributes to mental health and testing different interventions that promote effective action to protect the planet.
  • Exploration of intergenerational approaches to improving the intersecting health of community and environment.
  • Informing the interplay between human, animal and ecosystem health, advancing interspecies equity and justice, and exploring the role of companion animals in disaster response health outcomes.
  • Improving Indigenous health through study of racism, community health, colonization, cumulative effects and more.
  • Informing the creation of built environments that support health, non-motorized travel, and mobility justice.
  • Multisolving for planetary health, equity, food security, and climate resilience.
  • Better understanding the intersection of wellbeing, ecosystems, and climate change adaptation.
  • Examining the mental health effects of climate change on youth - especially the phenomena of climate and eco-anxiety.


Our external partners

With thanks to our external colleagues and partner organizations, for their continued support and collaboration.