Our Team

Research conducted by members of our group has far-reaching impacts and draws on the skills and expertise of our diverse membership. Our team includes sociologists, toxicologists, physicians, biostatisticians, exposure scientists, epidemiologists, political scientists, demographers, evolutionary and conservation biologists, and risk assessment specialists.


The Planetary Health Research Group’s Managing Team:

Chris Buse


Dr. Buse’s research interests include: environmental health; planetary health; health impacts of climate change; ecosystem approaches to health (Ecohealth); ecological determinants of health; health equity; health impact assessment; cumulative impacts of resource extraction; mixed-methods research; public health policy; knowledge synthesis.

Contact: cbuse@sfu.ca

Maya Gislason


Dr. Gislason’s research interests include: social inequities in health, eco-social health, planetary health, ecosystem approaches to health, climate change, intergenerational climate equity, cumulative impacts of intensive resource extraction, Indigenous health and wellness, community participation, Patient-Oriented Research, critical pedagogy, public health, equity informed mixed methods evidence building, interplay between human, animal and ecosystem health, governance, structural and epistemic justice. Dr. Gislason also heads the Research for Ecosocial and Equitable Transformation Lab at SFU (RESET).

Contact: maya_gislason@sfu.ca

Kira Johnson

Research Assistant

Ms. Johnson’s research interests include: planetary health, multisolving, complexity theory, sustainable food systems, sustainable housing, climate change adaptation, conservation biology, biodiversity loss, ecological determinants of health, and interspecies justice

Contact: kira_johnson_2@sfu.ca

Our community also includes:


Ryan Allen

Environmental health, air pollution, exposure assessment & analysis, epidemiology


Paola Ardiles Gamboa

Community-engaged education and research; mental health promotion; social innovation and entrepreneurship; experiential learning and teaching; health promoting universities; organizational development; justice, equity and inclusion

Kaylee Byers

One Health; wildlife health; human-animal relationships; human dimension; health communications; knowledge mobilization

Kiffer Card

The social determinants of infectious disease, the health effects of loneliness, social isolation, and social disconnection, climate related ecological distress

Stephanie Cleland

Environmental health, climate change, environmental epidemiology, exposure assessment, health impact assessment, climate change-related environmental exposures (wildfire smoke, extreme heat), health equity, GIS

Dawn Hoogeveen

Resource extraction and health, environmental health/policy, health impact assessment, health and wellness indicator development, climate change and health, planetary health, social and environmental justice, community-based research, addressing racism in health care, Indigenous public health, resource management and control

Robert Hogg

HIV/AIDS, antiretroviral therapy, marginalized populations, population health

Bruce Lanphear

Early childhood health, environmental neurotoxins, lead poisoning, epidemiology of asthma

Lawrence McCandless

Biostatistics, epidemiology and environmental health

Pablo Nepomnaschy

Human biology, anthropology, human ecology & health, stress & reproductive health

Anne-Marie Nicol

Health communication; toxicology; social marketing; risk perception; risk assessment

John O’Neil

Global health, Indigenous health, health systems and policy, Implementation science

Lyana Patrick

Indigenous health and justice (criminal justice contexts, addictions and mental health), urban Indigenous community planning, Indigenous community health and well-being, institutional change through decolonizing education

Sarah Robinson

One Health; wildlife health; wildlife disease surveillance; epidemiology; human-animal interface; veterinary public health; health communications

Hasina Samji

Epidemiology, biostatistics, infectious diseases, implementation science methods, marginalized populations, health services provision, global health, health innovation

Malcolm Steinberg

Occupational health, epidemiology, program management, HIV/AIDS, public health consulting

Kate Tairyan

Preventive medicine, global health, computer-assisted technology, and knowledge translation

Tim Takaro

Occupational & environmental health, toxicology, asthma, community-based interventions, health impacts of climate change, and planetary health

Scott Venners

Epidemiology, Indigenous health, environmental health

Meghan Winters

Epidemiology, GIS applications, built environment & health, transportation & city design



Simi Badyal

Climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction and management, community resilience, health impacts of climate change, health systems and policy

Sarah Chae

Planetary health education, health equity, health care accessibility, and telehealth

Erica Dong

Global health, planetary health, infectious disease ecology, HIV/AIDS

Lara Hollmann

Pandemics, gender, health equity, global health governance, health policy, feminism, One Health

Angel Kennedy

Eco-social health equity; ecological determinants of health; youth's and children's mental health; intergenerational climate justice

Maëve Leduc

Indigenous health, decolonizing planetary health, holistic health equity, land-based health and wellness, health impacts of resource extraction and industrial development, and territorial sovereignty as a pathway for community health and well-being

Kiera Tsakonas

Ecosocial approaches to health, climate change, community resilience, disaster risk reduction

Judy Wu

climate change, mental health, youth, adolescents, eco-anxiety, climate anxiety, and climate concern

Christine Yanagawa

Equity-oriented One Health, interspecies and more-than-human reciprocal care and well-being, human-animal interaction, zoonotic diseases, GIS, mixed methods, mobility justice, Social and Ecological Determinants of Health, disaster risk reduction, and climate change