Our cross-cutting themes

  • Maya Gislason Social inequities in health, eco-social health, planetary health, ecosystem approaches to health, climate change, intergenerational climate equity, cumulative impacts of intensive resource extraction, Indigenous health and wellness, community participation, Patient-Oriented Research, critical pedagogy, public health, equity informed mixed methods evidence building, interplay between human, animal and ecosystem health, governance, structural and epistemic justice.
  • Dawn Hoogeveen Resource extraction and health, Environmental health/policy, Health Impact Assessment, Health and wellness indicator development, climate change and health, planetary health, social and environmental justice, community-based research, addressing racism in health care, Indigenous public health, resource management and control
  • John O'Neil Global health, Indigenous health systems, Southeast Asia, implementation and community-based health system research
  • Lyana Patrick Indigenous health and justice (criminal justice contexts, addictions and mental health), urban Indigenous community planning, Indigenous community health and well-being, institutional change through decolonizing education
  • Jeff Reading Environmental health, air pollution, exposure assessment & analysis, epidemiology
  • Krista Stelkia Indigenous health, structural racism, structural determinants of health, anti-Indigenous racism, cultural safety, land-based health and wellbeing, health inequity, community-based research, police accountability, police oversight, public complaints against the police
  • Scott Venners Epidemiology, Indigenous health, environmental health