Dynamic Geometry for Teaching – Developing Powerful Thinking

To experience the beauty and power of Sketchpad, click on one of the yellow Web Sketch buttons below.  You can explore these interactive sketches without downloading any software.

Use the tools to create a square. Can you make squares within squares? Squares beside squares? See the square designs we created.

Drag the vertices to create different quads. Is it possible to make a square that is not also a rectangle? A diamond that is not also a parallelogram? Why?

Using Dynamic Geometry Software

Dynamic geometry software (DGS) is a powerful tool for improving student learning.  Incorporating an engaging visual component, it allows learners to explore, test conjectures, discover patterns, and think creatively.

The basic tools of DGS are more than appropriate for the primary school mathematics curriculum.  Students are excited to interact with the software and it offers many opportunities for collaboration and discussion.