Current Lab Members

Dr. Gerhard J. GriesProfessor

NSERC-Industrial Research Chair in
Multimodal Animal Communication Ecology
Dr. forest., Georg-August-Universität, Göttingen (Germany)

I am a genuinely curious fellow and consider it my hobby to run a large and diverse research program with many bright and enthusiastic students.  Other hobbies are wildflower gardening and wildlife photography.

Research Associates

Dr. Santosh Kumar AlamsettiPostdoctoral Researcher

Syntheses of novel or non-purchasable semiochemicals; development of efficient or large scale syntheses of semiochemicals for applied purposes.

Dr. Stephen (Steve) TakácsResearch Associate

Acquisition and analyses of sonic and ultrasonic sound signals and cues; recordings and analyses of infrared (IR) foraging cues; laboratory and field testing of novel bait technologies.

Regine GriesResearch Associate

Isolation and identification of candidate semiochemicals; electrophysiology; technical assistance in student projects; maintenance of laboratory equipment and vehicles.

Dr. Adam BlakePostdoctoral Researcher

Visual ecology of biting flies.

Graduate Students

Asim RenyardPh.D.

Foraging and communication ecology of the Carpenter Ant, Camponotus modoc. more...

Elana VarnerPh.D.

Intra- and interspecies chemical ecology of murine rodents. more...

Andreas FischerPh.D.

The chemical communication in False Black Widow Spiders (Steatoda)

Elton KoM.P.M.

Mating ecology of Mosquitos

Jaime ChalisseryM.P.M.

Foraging and communication ecology of Fire Ants

Sam Meraj Ph.D.

Immune response in Bed Bugs

Emily LemkeM.P.M.

Communications ecology of Click Beetles

Kendal Singleton M.P.M.

Visual and chemical ecology of Click Beetles

Emmanuel Hung M.P.M.

Host-seeking and visual communication in biting flies

Saif Nayani M.P.M.

Foraging ecology of stable flies

Claire Gooding M.P.M.

Repellent semiochemicals of ticks and biting flies

Emma Kovacs M.P.M.

Foraging ecology of horn flies