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Gries lab insects (and entomologists) featured in CBC's The Nature of Things, Wild Canadian Weather Documentary


Swarms of western hemlock looper moths invade parts of B.C. south coast (Gerhard Interviewed)
Global News, The Peak

Burnaby could see rats 'battling’ in the streets amid crisis: expert
Burnaby Now, Tri-City News

Credit: Adam Gagne


The bizarre and ecologically important hidden lives of mosquitoes
The Conversation

Credit: Mike Hrabar

Polarization of foliar reflectance: novel host plant cue for insect herbivores, SFU News, AgroLink, AgNews, SeedQuest

Credit: Adam Blake

'Flying ant day': Insects emerge for annual reproductive flight
CTV News, Daily Hive, CBC News,

Credit: Adam Blake

Debunking Spider Misconceptions with Andreas Fischer
Breakfast Television, Global News Radio - Simi Sara Show

The Impact of Insects on Humans and Nature
Rotary Club of Vancouver

Attraction of Female Aedes aegypti (L.) to Aphid Honeydew
SFU News

Credit: Dr. Sean McCann

Get ‘inspidered’ – from fear of spiders to fascination
The Conversation

Credit: Mike Hrabar


The secret love lives of spiders
CBC News, CBC News British Columbia, CBC Radio, Global News, CTV News

Bane of the Arctic: The maddening mosquito
Alaska Magazine

Credit: John Borden

What's with the flying ants in Metro Vancouver?
Vancouver Sun, Global News

Credit: Danielle Hoefele

Bad mosquito season on the way?
Global News


Sex hormones function as sex attractant pheromones in house mice and brown rats
Vancouver Sun, CBC News, Steele And Drex (CKNW), Vice

Credit: Greg Ehlers

Linking magnetite in the abdomen of honey bees to a magnetoreceptive function, SFUnews

Credit: Gerhard Gries, Simon Fraser University

Transitions between phases of genomic differentiation during stick-insect speciation
Nature Ecology & Evolution Community, ScienceDaily,, Futurity

Credit: M. Muschick

How flies are flirting on the fly
Daily Mail, Sciences et Avenir,, Inverse,, Scimex

Credit: Gerhard Gries, Simon Fraser University