Research Videos

Asim Renyard: Carpenter ant trophallaxis

Adam Blake: A cabbage white butterfly (Pieris rapae) chooses between an image of a non-host potato and a host cabbage plant.

Mike Hrabar: Xenos peckii uses it's sharp mandibles to snip along the ecdysial suture line, then pushes open the cap (referred to as a cephalotheca).

Mike Hrabar: The Strepsipteran parasitoid, Xenos peckii, mating atop its paper wasp host (Polistes aurifer).

Sean McCann: Red-throated Caracara predation behaviour

Catherine Scott: Abdominal tremulations by courting male of the Western Black Widow Spider

Catherine Scott: Predation attempt of female Western Black Widow Spider in response to playback of web vibrations by prey