Welcome to the SFU Department of History

Our history programs will introduce you to major world regions and cultures, to historical periods, and to social, political, cultural, and economic themes. Our offerings reflect the history of the diverse population of the Lower Mainland, British Columbia, and Canada, while also providing a global perspective.

Our programs will:

  • Open your mind to a deep and discerning appreciation of, and passion for, the human past and a broad understanding of human experience through time and across the globe.
  • Equip you with the analytical tools to make you an educated and responsible world citizen better able to understand and live in our complex world.
  • Prepare you for today‚Äôs workplace with key critical thinking, research, writing, and communication skills. Pursuing a history degree will give you opportunities to complete major research and writing projects, to speak before an audience and to discuss issues with peers.

Why History?

Historians study what happened, but even more critically, how and why it happened. Through their close analysis of past events, historians have a leading role to play in understanding and explaining the present. By addressing questions of values and ideals with historical examples, and in using the past to discern patterns that others have not seen or understood.

Career Paths

You will complete a history program with highly transferrable skills that are readily adaptable to a diverse and changing job market, no matter where your career takes you.

Graduates from History  have successfully pursued a wide variety of careers in education, law, journalism, business, government, and arts and cultural institutions. For further information, check out our career development page.

History Co-op

Co-operative education is a great option available to undergraduate history students. The Department strongly endorses this program and recommends it highly to all qualified students. Incorporating 3 to 5 full-time paid work terms with your study terms provides you with experience and knowledge of how you can apply your degree to the world of work. It can help you tailor your program of studies towards a career path and the contacts you make can be of assistance to you once you graduate. Co-op participants also benefit from resume writing, cover letter and interview skills workshops specifically designed for Arts Co-op students.

Jobs are available in private industry, not-for-profit organizations and the federal and provincial governments. In recent semesters History students have worked for such employers as Health Canada, Langley School District, Maple Ridge Museum, Richmond Hospital, Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the Future Shop Corporate Office. Employers are located in the Lower Mainland and out of town (Victoria, Kelowna, Ottawa etc.).

Arts Co-op Coordinators can be found in AQ 3020, or phone 778.782.5839 for information. More information can be found on the co-op website: http://www.sfu.ca/coop.