Alexander Peter Kup

Professor Emeritus

Area of Study: AFRICA

Publications (Books)

  • Sierra Leone: A Concise History. Devon: David & Charles, 1975
  • John Clarkson and the Sierra Leone Company  (New York, The International Journal of African Historical Studies, 2,  1972)
  • Adam Afzelius; A.P.Kup; C.G. Widstrand: Sierra Leone Journal 1795-1796  (Uppsala, Studia ethnographica Upsaliensia, 27, 1967)
  • The Story of Sierra Leone (Cambridge, 1964).
  • Early Portuguese Trade in the Sierra Leone and Scarcies Rivers (Bissau,  Boletim cultural da GuinĂ© Portuguesa, ano 18, no.69, 1963).
  • A History of Sierra Leone 1400-1787 (Cambridge, 1961).
  • Robert Somerville, Sir;  Peter Gouldesbrough;  Alexander Peter Kup; Idwal Lewis:  Handlist of Scottish and Welsh Record Publications: the Scottish Section (London, 1954).