Jack Little

Professor Emeritus
Email: jlittle@sfu.ca

Areas of Study: CANADA


A native of Quebec, I received my graduate degrees from the Universities of New Brunswick and Ottawa, and arrived at SFU in 1976. I most recently taught courses on the history of New France, modern Quebec, the environment, and visions of the Canadian landscape.

Research Interests

Forthcoming is my collection of essays titled Fashioning the Canadian Landscape: Essays on Travel Writing, Tourism, and National Identity in the Pre-Automobile Era. My current research focuses on anti-development protests in BC's Lower Mainland during the 1960s and 70s.


At the Wilderness Edge: The Rise of the Anti-Development Movement on British Columbia’s Southwest Coast. 
McGill-Queen's University Press, January 2019.

Publications (Articles)

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Notable Major Awards

  • Le prix Lionel-Groulx presented by l'Institut d'histoire de l'Amérique française for the best book on French America published in 1991.
  • Certificate of Merit in Regional History presented by the Canadian Historical Association for the best book on Quebec.