Steven Mock, Ph.D.

Dr. Mock is an adult developmental psychologist with research interests in the areas of aging and retirement, coping with stigmatization, sexual minority adult development, and leisure as a coping resource. His research has been funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the RBC Retirement Research Centre. 

Dr. Mock is also the recipient of an Early Researcher Award from the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation to support research on retirement planning among diverse family forms.

Celeste Pang, M.A.
Research Assistant

Celeste is a PhD student in Medical and Social-Cultural Anthropology at the University of Toronto, jointly enrolled in the collaborative programs in Sexual Diversity Studies and Aging, Palliative & Supportive Care Across the Life Course. Her doctoral research focuses on the formal and informal economies surrounding later and end-of-life care for older queer persons in Canada. More broadly, her interests include aging, kinship, sexuality and gender, queer anthropology, health, and social change. Celeste is committed to both academic and applied research, and is particularly interested in how ethnographic research and writing can effectively draw from and helpfully inform broader public discussion and engagement.