Line Chamberland, Ph.D.

Line Chamberland, Ph.D. in sociology, is specialized in research about homophobia, heterosexism and social exclusion of LGBT people in institutional contexts: workplace, secondary schools and colleges, social and health services. A full-time professor in the department of sexology at UQAM, she is the head of a Research chair on homophobia created in November 2011 as a key measure of the QuĂ©bec governmental action plan against homophobia 2011-2016. She is also the director of a provincial research team, Sexualities and Genders: vulnerability, resilience, regrouping researchers working on LGBTQ youth and LGBT families. Recently, she has collaborated with Help for trans people in Quebec on a research-action project about the experiences and needs in health care and social services of trans elders. She is currently working on a project about the perceived physical appearance and intimate life of aging lesbian and heterosexual women (PI Isabelle Wallach). 

Julie Beauchamp, M.A.
Research Assistant

Biography forthcoming

Jean Dumas, Ph.D.
Research Assistant

Jean Dumas is a health communication researcher. For the last fifteen years, he has worked in the field of Internet-based health promotion and prevention interventions targeting specific populations such as sexual minorities. In 2013, he completed postdoctoral research in primary health care access and utilization by sexual minorities in Quebec resulting in recommendations for improved services’ adequacy for LGBT. He currently works as an e-health coordinator and researcher for the Quebec population health research network.