Tuition Fees

International students pay the same fees as domestic students for graduate programs. Fees are subject to change, subject to provincial legislation, and subject to board of governor’s approval. Typical costs for domestic and international graduate students are estimated here. Normal degree completion times for MASc and Ph.D. are 2-3 years, and 3-5 years, respectively.

Individual faculty members support students as research assistants, paid from research grants. Intending applicants may contact potential supervisors to ascertain the possibility of such support.

There is a limited amount of funding through teaching assistantship positions, scholarships, and graduate fellowships. However, these are based on competition and not guaranteed.

External Scholarship Holders

SFU has the Provost Prize of Distinction (PPD) award which is only available to PhD students with Canadian Tri-Council funding initiating their PhD program at SFU.

SFU awards the Provost International Fellowship to outstanding international students who are initiating their graduate program at SFU and have received a scholarship from their home country to study abroad.

Entrance Scholarship Competition

SFU has a very limited number of major entrance scholarships for exceptional students. We encourage applicants with excellent credentials to apply for entrance scholarships. If you wish to be nominated for an entrance scholarship, you are strongly encouraged to submit your application for admission to your department of intended enrolment by January 15. Failure to submit your application for admission by this deadline will decrease your chances for consideration in the annual Entrance Scholarship Competition to be held in February.