This five-year degree option enables students to reduce their workload through a longer, more flexible curriculum. The following curriculum table outlines the courses required to successfully complete this five-year degree program.

For course sequencing,  Mechatronic Systems Engineering students are recommended to follow the schedule as closely as possible so that prerequisites are met for the following terms. Courses are shown in the term in which they are typically offered. Consequences of deviating from this schedule are the responsibility of the student. A minimum grade of C-is required in each course in order to meet graduation requirements.


  • Mechatronic Systems Engineering students must finish three mandatory co-op terms before graduation.
  • MSE 4XX =  T echnical Studies Elective  (can be selected from the list of Technical Studies Electives)
  • Fall 2014 and later admits must complete 6 courses from the list of  Technical Studies Electives.  Please visit go.sfu.ca for list of coures offered in a particular semester.  Pre-Fall 2014 admits follow the Pre-FAll 2014 curriculum.
  • Starting Fall 2020, MATH 260 replaces MATH 310.
  • MSE 410 will be offered in Spring and Fall 2021
  • MSE 411 will be offered in Summer 2021 and Spring 2022