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1 Term Exchange


You have been automatically enrolled in a mandatory 4 month primary medical insurance plan through guard.me@SFU.

You can opt out of (cancel) guard.me@SFU temporary medical insurance plan if you are studying outside of Canada or if you have one of the eligible plans

To opt out of guard.me@SFU visit their website before the deadline

Staying in BC for 6 months or longer? Apply for BC Medical Services Plan (MSP). For more information, please review the information below.


Cost: $281 per term
Enrolment: Automatic 
More Info: guard.me@SFU website

*prices are subject to change without notice

Common Questions:

What is guard.me@SFU?

guard.me@SFU is a short term primary medical insurance coverage. The goal of guard.me@SFU is to provide you with comprehensive primary medical coverage during your exchange duration. If you plan on living in BC for more than 6 months, under the Medicare Protection Act, you must enrol with the mandatory BC Medical Services Plan upon arrival.

How do I get the policy/ certificate number?

You will receive an email from guard.me@SFU regarding the policy/ certificate number. The policy information will be in an attachment. Make sure to keep this for future reference as you will need it for direct billing or to submit a claim.  If you have not received an email from guard.me@SFU, please contact them at admin@guard.me.

How and when can I opt out of guard.me@SFU?

To opt-out of guard.me@SFU, visit their website. Click the appropriate category and follow the opt-out instructions. To see the opt out deadlines for guard.me@SFU click here

Note: changes may not be reflected right away.

How can I make claims?

When visiting any of the SFU Health Clinics, print out a copy of the email attachment from guard.me@SFU containing your coverage certificate. They will collect a copy for each visit and will directly bill guard.me@SFU on your behalf. No additional claim is required. 

You can search Guard.me preferred clinics near your location here. These clinics will allow direct billing.

For clinics that do not allow direct billing, you will need to pay upfront for the visit. Keep copies of all your payment receipts. To submit a claim, please visit guard.me@SFU to create an online account and upload copies of your receipts. 

BC Medical Services Plan (MSP)

Cost: $75 per month*

If you have any dependent (e.g. spouse, common-law partner, and/or children) on the same BC MSP account, this fee will apply for each study permit holder.

Enrolment: Need to apply

More Info: BC MSP website

*prices are subject to change without notice

Common Questions:

What is the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP)?

Students staying in BC for 6 months or longer are required to enrol in the British Columbia Medical Services Plan. There is a wait period of 2-3 months for newcomers, during which time the guard.me@SFU plan will provide you with short-term coverage. 

BC MSP provides primary medical coverage such as:

  • services provided by a doctor
  • X-rays, lab tests (as required by a doctor) 
  • emergency dental and oral surgery in hospital
BC MSP offers different coverage than guard.me@SFU (which offers limited secondary benefits in addition to primary), so be sure to read the detailed policy information once you are enrolled.

How and when can I apply for MSP?

To apply for BC MSP, complete the MSP Application online at this website.

You may also complete the MSP Application Enrolment form by mail and mail it directly to BC MSP.

If you are eligible, you can apply as soon as you arrive in BC. Please note there is a wait period of 2-3 months for new residents before your coverage begins. If you are a new international student at SFU, you will be automatically enrolled in guard.me@sfu plan for your first term while you wait for your BC MSP. 

If you are a returning student travelling back to BC, in order to be covered during the wait period you may purchase a private medical insurance plan. Please contact International Services for Students about temporary medical insurance options to cover the MSP waiting period. 

How does BC MSP work?

Once enrolled, BC MSP will mail you a BC Services Card along with an invoice to pay. Payments may be made monthly or in advance. Payments are made directly to BC MSP, not through SFU.

When visiting a health clinic or hospital, you will be asked to show your BC Services Card as proof of enrolment. You will not be required to pay for the visit, they will bill BC MSP directly. 


You will not receive a secondary medical insurance plan through SFU. You may wish to purchase coverage through a private insurance agent. The guard.me@SFU plan includes some limited secondary benefits, please see the detailed plan information.