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Opt-Out Deadlines


Guard.me@SFU (International Medical Insurance) is a one time opt-out.

To opt-out, visit www.guard.me/sfu

The opt-out deadlines for a full refund, including out of country opt-out, for guard.me@SFU are the following:

  • Fall term: September 30
  • Spring term: January 31
  • Summer term: May 31

A partial refund maybe available if you receive valid BC MSP and opt out at least a month before your guard.me@SFU plan expires in your first term. You will receive a refund only if you have not used your guard.me@SFU plan and opt out by the due deadlines. 

For more information about opting-out:


StudentCare (SFSS Health & Dental Plan/GSS Benefit Plan) is an annual opt-out (except if starting summer semester)

To opt-out, visit www.studentcare.ca

The Change-of-Coverage period* for StudentCare (SFSS/GSS Health & Dental Plan):

*The Change-of-Coverage Period is the period at the beginning of the term when you can either opt out or enrol your spouse and/or dependent children.