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Domestic Exchange


As a domestic exchange student within Canada, it is your responsibility to ensure your provincial medical insurance will cover you while you are studying at SFU. Ensure you contact your Provincial or Territorial health plan provider to inquire about coverage while in British Columbia (BC). Please note that SFU will not review your home insurance plan. 

If you are an international student you will be automatically added to guard.me@SFU medical insurance plan. The cost for this plan is $281 per term and must be paid to SFU.

If you are an international student and covered by your Canadian province's medical plan, you should be able to opt out of guard.me@SFU, if you wish. You are advised to inform your home province's medical plan provider that you will be studying out of province to ensure your coverage will be sufficient for the duration of your stay at SFU. Please note that SFU and guard.me will not review your home insurance plan. 

Canadian citizens and permanents residents of Canada cannot be enrolled in guard.me@SFU plan, it is therefore your responsibility to ensure you have appropriate medical coverage while you study at SFU.


You will not receive a secondary medical insurance plan through SFU. Look into what outside-of-province coverage is provided by the plan you use in your home province. You may wish to purchase coverage through a private insurance agent.