Past Events

Past invited and contributed presenters can be found in the following event summaries:

NanoLytica 2023

NanoLytica 2022

NanoLytica 2019

NanoLytica 2018

NanoLytica 2017

NanoLytica 2016

NanoLytica 2015

NanoLytica 2014

NanoLytica 2013


Congratulations to our 2023 Graduate Student Poster Presentation Winners!

Leanna Karn, "Cyanoplatinate Coordination Polymers as Vapochromic Toxic gas," Simon Fraser University, Canada 

Merissa Schneider-Coppolino, "Developing & Benchmarking Electrochemical Pressure Impedance Spectroscopy (EPIS) as a New Fuel Cell Diagnostic Technique," Simon Fraser University, Canada

Jasleen Kaur, "Zwitterion-based Dielectric Material for Printed Electronics," Simon Fraser University, Canada


Congratulations to our 2023 Undergraduate Student Poster Presentation Winners!

Helena Debus, "2022 Drought Analysis in the Rhine River Region, Cologne, Germany, using Remotely Sensed Data," Simon Fraser University, Canada

Chloe Park, "Geosmin Used for Indicating Contamination in Aquatic Environments," Environment and Climate Change Canada, Canada

Melissa Elmer, "Gas chromatography triple quadrupole mass spectrometry method for detecting geosmin in fish biota," Environment and Climate Change Canada, Canada













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