Invited Speakers

Our invited speakers for NanoLytica 2019 are listed below.  We are still compiling the list of speakers for NanoLytica 2022.  If you have suggestions for future speakers, please email 

Dr. Stephen Urquhart

University of Saskatchewan

Presenting on:  Soft X-ray Ptychography: Towards Single Nanoparticle Spectroscopy

Dr. Milana Trifkovic

University of Calgary

Presenting on:  Bicontinuous Intraphase Jammed Emulsion Gels: A New Soft Material Enabling Direct Isolation of Co-Continuous Hierarchial Porous Materials

Dr. Ruth Merrifield


Presenting on:  Industrial Applications for Single Particle ICP-MS

Dr. Jenny McCahill

Carbon Engineering

Presenting on:  Direct Air Capture: an industrially-scalable technology to remove carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere

Dr. Shannon Boettcher

University of Oregon

Presenting on: Understanding heterogeneous electrocatalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction

Dr. Stefan Wilhem

Oklahoma University

Presenting on:  Quantifying Nano-Bio Interactions at the Single Cell Level

Dr. Mike Serpe

University of Alberta 

Presenting on:  Nanogel-Based Optical Devices for Sensing and Biosensing

Dr. Mina Hoorfar

University of British Columbia

Presenting on:  Advanced Biomedical and Environmental Diagnostics through Microfluidic Olfaction Technology

Dr. David Ginger

University of Washington

Presenting on:  Probing Mixed Conductors: Translating Signals Across the Biological/Digital Divide

Dr. Mike Fleischauer

Nanotechnology Research Centre

Presenting on:  Correlating composition and capacity in Li-ion battery electrodes

Dr. Walter Cicha

Industrial Technology Advisor, NRC-IRAP

Presenting on:  Transformational Technologies 2019 – Praising Pascal



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