About the INN

Simon Fraser University's (SFU) Institute for Neuroscience and Neurotechnology (INN) is a cross-disciplinary research hub that empowers its members to engage in cutting-edge neuroscience research, training and community engagement.


The curiosity we have, and the research generated at SFU, about how the brain works ultimately touches everyone in the community.  We want people to have easy and quick access to this knowledge and to give them a voice in the work we are doing.


Society is taking an integrative approach to supporting brain resilience that is comprehensive, individualized, and accessible for all.


Educate the world on how to have better brain resilience.

Bring together and inspire SFU researchers to develop exceptional, interdisciplinary research programs and stimulate fundamental and translational neuroscience research for clinical and commercial uses.

Enhance neuroscience research at SFU by providing technical support, that complements and advances investigator’s teams, for data acquisition and analysis, informatics, and computational modelling. 

Train the next generation of neuroscience researchers with the skills and confidence to be leaders in their fields. 


The INN is a collective of distinguished researchers and educators who work together across disciplines, institutions and industries to drive progress and innovation in neuroscience and neurotechnology. Our members are passionate about cultivating the Institute as a hub for meaningful collaboration and community engagement.

Meet our team