About the INN

Simon Fraser University's (SFU) Institute for Neuroscience and Neurotechnology (INN) is a cross-disciplinary research hub that empowers its members to engage in cutting-edge neuroscience research, training and community engagement.

What we do

The INN connects researchers from a broad range of disciplinary areas and opens pathways for us to grow our capacity for innovative, relevant and translational research in neuroscience and neurotechnology. 

The INN builds upon SFU’s considerable research expertise spanning cellular and systems neuroscience in animal models and human research, with complementary expertise in computational modeling and technology development.

The INN’s three main functions are to:

  • Facilitate the formation of teams and research themes in order to increase collaboration among SFU researchers and develop highly competitive research grant proposals aimed at major funding agencies; 
  • Stimulate interdisciplinary research to build a more effective link between the translational aspect of neuroscience to clinical and commercial uses; and  
  • Become a neurotech hub to support neuroscience research, including support for neuroimaging acquisition and analysis, informatics and data pipelines, and computational modelling.   

Embedded in all three functions is the INN’s commitment to educating trainees in neuroscience and neurotechnology research and facilitating their career development. 


The INN is a collective of distinguished researchers and educators who work together across disciplines, institutions and industries to drive progress and innovation in neuroscience and neurotechnology. Our members are passionate about cultivating the Institute as a hub for meaningful collaboration and community engagement.

Meet our team