Lab Director


James Wakeling is comparative biomechanist and the Director of the Neuromuscular mechanics laboratory. His research involves a number of topics concerning the mechanical output of skeletal muscle during locomotion. 






Post-doctoral Fellows


Adrian Lai is a post-doctoral fellow currently researching the influence of motor recruitment strategies on muscle force predictions in muscle models. His research uses musculoskeletal modelling and in-vivo measurement techniques to understand muscle function and structure. He is originally from Sydney, Australia but has embraced Vancouver's outdoor playground and can be often found climbing outdoors, trail running or ski mountaineering. 




Chris Tijs is a post-doctoral fellow studying the use of experimental data to improve a Hill-type muscle model to enhance predictions of time-varying muscle forces. After completing his PhD at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, he was a postdoctoral researcher at the Concord Field Station of Harvard University for two years where he did experimental research to study the contractile behavior of skeletal muscles. He loves hiking and camping and you’ll find him cycling up the Burnaby Mountain on a daily basis.  



Graduate Students

Avleen Randhawa photo_v2

Avleen Randhawa is a PhD student investigating the structural properties of human gastrocnemii muscles during dynamic activities using 2D and 3D Ultrasound imaging. She also enjoy teaching as an instructor in the School of Human Kinetics, Capilano University.



Amy website

Amy Robinson is a PhD student currently studying the effects of non-circular chainrings on neuromusculoskeletal properties during human cycling.  Amy's PhD is in joint collaboration with Dr Emma Hodson-Tole at Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK, and so spends her time travelling between the two institutions.  In her spare time she enjoys being outdoors, especially with her dog.


David Ryan is a PhD student studying 3D, finite element modelling of muscle and the effects of external loading on force production and architecture in muscle. 


Sebastian Dominguez is a PhD student in Applied and Computational Mathematics. He is interested in Applied Mathematics, Numerical Analysis, Functional Analysis, Eigenvalue problems and the Finite Element Methods. He has lived in Metro Vancouver since September, 2015, with his wife and little daughter. He is originally from Concepcion, Chile.



Stephanie Ross is a PhD student studying how a muscle’s inertial properties alter its mechanical behaviour. She's a native Vancouverite and in her spare time, she enjoys camping, hiking, skiing and long distance running.





Undergraduate Students


Cassidy Tam is a third year undergraduate student at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec studying Mathematics and Computer Science. In her free time, Cassidy enjoys trying new restaurants and travelling back to her hometown Vancouver, BC to spend some quality time with her dog. Through this research experience, Cassidy hopes to learn more about the real world applications of Mathematics.


Jessika Porter is an undergraduate student completing her BSc with Honours in Kinesiology. She's researching how internal muscle mass effects the energetics of muscles. She's also interested in dance, music, fitness, and the outdoors. 


Megan Monkman is a fourth-year undergraduate student in the Department of Mathematics at SFU. She is active in the Mathematics Student Union (MSU), serving as secretary. Her research interests include both applied and discrete mathematics. In her spare time, she enjoys swimming and playing with her dog Jane.



Ryan Konno is currently working in the lab as an undergraduate summer student and is interested in applied mathematics. He is from Penticton, BC and currently attending the University of British Columbia, where he is completing a combined major in physics and math.  Ryan likes to spend his free time outdoors hiking and climbing.




Associate Members


Dr. Emma Hodson-Tole is a visiting scholar from Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK. Her work includes fundamental research investivating skeletal muscle co-ordination during locomotion and motor unit recruitment; through to translational research into the development of ultrasound based measures of skeletal muscle properties for non-invasive diagnosis and monitoring of neurodegenerative diseases.




Lab Alumni


Sabrina Lee (Post-doc)


Courtney Pollock (Post-doc)





Oliver Blake (PhD)





Taylor Dick (PhD)





Hadi Rahemi (PhD)





Eleanor Li (Undergraduate)





Kate Olszewski (Undergraduate)





Erina Cho (Undergraduate)




Timo van Leeuwen (Undergraduate)