Affiliated Researchers and Partners

Affiliated Researchers (SFU)

Ben Adcock, associate professor, Mathematics. Areas: Numerical analysis, data science and mathematics of information, computational harmonic analysis.

Tania Bubela, professor and dean, Health Sciences. Areas: Knowledge translation in health, impacts of innovation, commons theory.

Felix Breden, professor emeritus, Biological Sciences. Areas: Ecology and evolutionary biology.

Mark Brockman, associate professor, Health Sciences; Canada Research Chair in viral pathogenesis and immunity. Areas: Molecular and cellular biology approaches to virology, pathogenesis, and the host immune response to human immunodeficiency virus.

Angela Brooks-Wilson, professor, Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology at SFU and distinguished scientist at the Genome Sciences Centre at BC Cancer. Areas: Identification of genetic variants that predispose to disease, or that affect resistance to disease.

Zabrina Brumme, professor, Health Sciences at SFU and an associate scientist at the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS. Areas: Molecular biology, epidemiology and computational approaches to examine questions at the interface of HIV-1 virology, immunology and pathogenesis.

Jiguo Cao, Canada Research Chair in Data Science and associate professor, Statistics and Actuarial Science. Areas: Novel statistical methodologies and applications for complex data analysis and estimating parameters in differential equations from real data.

Jack Chen, professor, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. Areas: Bioinformatics programs for understanding genome architecture and expression.

David Clarke, assistant professor, Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology. Areas: Evidence-based exercise prescription, cellular adaptations to exercise-related stressors.

Caroline Colijn, professor & Canada 150 Research Chair, Mathematics. Areas: Interface of mathematics and the epidemiology and evolution of pathogens.

Colin Collins, professor, Urologic Sciences at UBC and senior scientist and director of the Laboratory for Advanced Genome Analysis at the Vancouver Prostate Centre. Areas: Cancer genomics and precision oncology.

Bernard Crespi, professor, Biological Sciences. Areas: Molecular phylogenetics.

Willie Davidson, professor emeritus, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. Areas: Conservation biology, molecular evolution, comparative genomics.

Jinko Graham, professor, Statistics and Actuarial Science at SFU. Areas: Statistical genetics.

William Hsiao, chief bioinformatician, BCCDC Public Health Laboratory; adjunct professor, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at SFU; clinical assistant professor, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at UBC. Areas: Bioinformatics strategies for genomic operations, tools for data sharing, data harmonization and integration in the development of ontologies for public health, food, and health care applications.

Faraz Hach, research associate, Computing Science. Areas: Computational genomics/transcriptomics, bioinformatics algorithms.

Robert Holt, professor, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. Areas: anti-cancer immune response.

Steven Jones, professor, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at SFU, head of bioinformatics and co-director of the BC Cancer Genome Sciences Centre. Areas: computational analysis of genomic and epigenomic sequence data; human tumours and the effect of their mutations on biological pathways and their sensitivities to therapeutics.

Frank Lee, associate professor and director, MSc & PhD programs, Health Sciences. Areas: Mechanisms that regulate the activity of dopamine receptors and transporters.

Maxwell Libbrecht, assistant professor, Computing Science. Areas: Machine learning, probabilistic modeling, unsupervised learning, submodular optimization, genomics, gene regulation.

Roger Linington, associate professor, Chemistry. Areas: Metabolomics, high content screen design and development, drug discovery, chemical biology.

Jim Mattsson, associate professor, Biological Sciences. Areas: Cellular, developmental and molecular biology.

Arne Mooers, professor, Biological Sciences. Areas: Patterns of biodiversity.

Frederic Pio, professor, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. Areas: Inflammasomes.

Nadine Provencal, assistant professor, Health Sciences. Areas: Epigenetics, genetics, bioinformatics, statistics, clinical research.

Jamie Scott, professor emerita, Faculty of Health Sciences. Areas: Molecular immunity.

Arrvindh Shriraman, associate professor, Computing Science. Areas: Energy efficiency of software, multicore memory systems, hardware/Software Interface for improving programming.

Tamon Stephen, associate professor, Mathematics. Areas: Combinatorial optimization.

Ian Tietjen, assistant professor, Health Sciences. Areas: Viral pathogenesis and antiviral discovery.

Liangliang Wang, associate professor, Statistics and Actuarial Science. Areas: Computational statistics and statistical machine learning.

Kay Wiese, associate professor, Computing Science. Areas: Bioinformatics and computational biology, evolutionary computation, computational intelligence and machine learning.

External partners


BC Cancer Agency (Sohrab Shah, Ryan Brinkman, John Spinelli), BC Centre for Disease Control (Natalie Prystajecky, Naveed Janjua), BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS (P. Richard Harrigan, Jeffrey Joy), BC Children’s Hospital (Bruce Carleton, Colin Ross), BC Genome Sciences Centre (Inanc Birol, Steven Jones), Canadian Food Inspection Agency (Berton Blais), Dalhousie University (Rob Beiko), GenomeDX, Vancouver and San Diego (Elai Davicioni, Nicholas Erho), McMaster University (Andrew McArthur), National Microbiology Laboratory, Public Health Agency of Canada (Gary Van Domselaar), STAR Informatics Group, Vancouver (Richard Bruskiewich), UBC Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcome Sciences (Aslam Anis), UBC Centre for High-Throughput Biology (Paul Pavlidis), UBC Centre for Microbial Diseases Research (Bob Hancock), Vancouver Prostate Centre (Artem Cherkasov, Colin Collins, Martin Gleave, Alan So, Peter Black, Yuzhou Wang)


Centre for Disease Control (Duncan MacCannell): iCarbonX (Wang Jun and Yingrui Li), Indiana University at Bloomington (Cenk Sahinalp), Molecular You (Peter Cullis, Rob Fraser)


Beijing Genome Institute, Shenzhen, (Jian Wang)


Microbiological Diagnostics Unit Public Health Laboratory, Australia (Torsten Seemann)


CWI, Amsterdam (Alexander Schoenhuth)


ETH Zurich (Nico Beerenwinkel)


University of Bielefeld, Germany (Ellen Baake, Barbara Hammer, Ralf Hofestaedt, Tim Nattkemper, Jens Stoye)


National Center for Research on Infectious Diseases (Gustavo Reyes-Teran, Santiago Avila-Rios)