After Activation

Q1. Once a course outline has been activated, is there any way to make edits to it?

Yes, once a course outline has been activated, the departmental manager can edit it and re-activate it. A tutorial on this process is available here. Editors cannot edit course outlines once they've been approved and activated by the departmental manager.

Q2. How do I save a course outline to my computer as a PDF file?

Q3. How do I integrate my outline into Canvas?

Q4. How do I put my course outlines on my departmental website?

In AEM, you can use the Course Outline List component. This component dynamically generates a list of outlines which can be set to update with each new term. See for instructions on using the component.

Additionally, developers can make use of the Course Outlines API to merge course outline data with existing course management systems.

Q5. Can I roll-over all of my department's outlines into the next term?

Yes, you can use the "Bulk Migration" feature to roll over outlines from a previous term. See the Departmental Settings section under Advanced Features for instructions.

Q6. Our course has just now been canceled and has been removed from goSFU. How do we delete the corresponding outline from the Course Outlines application?

Canceled courses will be deleted from the application the following day. If the canceled course is still showing in the application, contact