Location & Transport


The conference will be held at the Burnaby campus of Simon Fraser University.  It is recommended that participants stay on campus during the meeting, by booking accommodation through SFU Guest Accommodations.  The SFU Guest Accommodations office is located at the west end of the campus, as shown on the map below.  Guests checking in after 11:00 pm should first go to SFU Campus Security.

How to get there

Participants arriving from Vancouver International Airport (YVR) can most easily get to the campus by taxi.  The taxi ride takes around 45 minutes and will cost approximately CAD$90.  Most airport taxis are happy to take credit card, but passengers should confirm this with the driver at the beginning of the trip.  Taxis for the return trip to the airport should be booked well in advance - the reception at SFU Guest Accommodations can make these arrangements.

Public transit can also be used to get from the airport to SFU Burnaby Campus, using the new Skytrain Canada Line.  The trip costs about $8 and will take about an hour and half.  Details can be found using the Translink Trip Planner, travelling from YVR-Airport Station to SFU Transportation Centre, Burnaby.

Renting a car to travel to the conference is not recommended, as it will not be needed during the meeting and extra charges will be incurred to park on campus.

  • 1  Department of Physics
  • 2  Visitor's Parkade
  • 3  SFU Guest Accommodations
  • 4  IRMACS theatre
  • 5  SFU Security

Entry Requirements for Canada

US Citizens do not need a visa to visit Canada.

US Citizens arriving by air require a valid passport.

Tourism Vancouver information on required documents for travellers from the US.

Canada Border Services information for visitors to Canada, including required documents.