We welcome inquiries from people across the sciences: specific preparation is less important than creativity, enthusiasm for research in this area, and a record of accomplishment.

We get a lot of applications, so emails that are obviously a form letter (lacking clear and sincere interest in our particular research) or demonstrate poor written English will be ignored.

Potential Postdoctoral Fellows: At this time, we have an opening for a postdoctoral fellow in information thermodynamics. I will also consider applying jointly for postdoctoral fellowships, such as NSERC. If, given this, you are interested in joining the group, please send a brief letter of introduction, CV (including publication list and contact information for 2-3 references), undergraduate and graduate transcripts (unofficial are fine), and suggestions of appropriate funding sources. 

Potential Graduate Students: We have capacity for 1 additional graduate student (MSc or PhD) starting in Fall 2020. We are happy to talk to both current SFU students (Physics, MBB, Chemistry, or other) looking for a research advisor or co-advisor, as well as undergraduates anywhere who are potentially interested in SFU for graduate school.  

Post-Bachelor's Research Assistants: We currently can only accommodate volunteers, but have several projects appropriate for part-time research.  

Undergraduates: We have opportunities for both term-time and summer undergraduate research.