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Jensen bound for the entropy production rate in stochastic thermodynamics
MP Leighton and DA Sivak

Efficient control protocols for an active Ornstein-Uhlenbeck particle
D Gupta, SHL Klapp, and DA Sivak

Signal in the noise: temporal variation in exponentially growing populations
EW Jones, J Derrick, RM Nisbet, W Ludington, and DA Sivak

D-SPIN constructs gene regulatory network models from multiplexed scRNA-seq data revealing organizing principles of cellular perturbation response
J Jiang, S Chen, T Tsou, ..., DA Sivak, ZJ Gartner, and M Thomson

Unlocking the potential of information flow: Maximizing free-energy transduction in a model of an autonomous rotary molecular motor
M Grelier, DA Sivak, and J Ehrich

Information engine in a nonequilibrium bath
TK Saha,* J Ehrich,* M Gavrilov, S Still, DA Sivak, and J Bechhoefer

Active learning of spin network models
J Jiang, DA Sivak, and M Thomson

Physically optimizing inference
A Huang, B Sheldan, DA Sivak, and M Thomson