PDA Executive Council

While all SFU Postdoctoral Fellows are considered members of the Postdoctoral Association, some of them take a more active role within the association. They represent the interest of Postdoctoral Fellows to the SFU administration, organize activities, and support Postdoctoral Fellows in other ways. The current elected members are listed below.

2024-2025 Executive Council

PDA Executive Council Co-Presidents

Dr. Alexander Beams
Department of Mathematics

Alex is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the MAGPIE group studying mathematical models of pathogen transmission and evolution. In addition to paddling, camping, and biking, he enjoys exploring Vancouver. He looks forward to becoming even better acquainted with the postdoctoral community at SFU.

Dr. Numaira Obaid,
School of Mechatronics Engineering

Numaira is a postdoctoral fellow in the School of Mechatronics Engineering (MSE). Her work examines the role of the spinal degeneration in the biomechanics of fall-related spinal cord injuries in older adults. Numaira brings her experience as executive members of the 2023-2024 PDA, hoping to better serve the postdoctoral community in her new term as the co-president of PDA this year.  Numaira also represents postdoctoral fellows in the Postdoctoral Working Group led by Chair. Valorie Crooks, AVPR.

These elected members are supported in their endeavors by a number of active members. We are always happy to welcome additional active members, so if you would like to contribute to the SFU Postdoctoral Association please be in touch with one of us or e-mail us at sfu_pda@sfu.ca.

As a Postdoctoral Fellowship can be over and done with in a relatively short time, from time to time Executive Council members move on to other challenges and places. 

Previous Executive Councils