Health + Wellness

Here are some tips on health and wellness — because how else can we do good work if we don’t take care of ourselves?


Medical Professionals

Most doctor (GP) visits require advance appointment. For urgent care, go to the nearest hospital.

GPs typically do not take in new clients unless otherwise indicated. As such, it is prudent to arrange for yourself a GP before you fall ill.

Helpful links to find doctors (GPs) in BC include:

Medical Claims 

SFU provides postdoctoral-association with Pacific Blue Cross insurance. Some processing time can be expected after initial completion of forms.

Many medical treatments and medications require some co-payment. Some are not reimbursable, or are subject to a maximum claimable amount within a calendar year etc. Some GPs/dentists are linked up with Pacific Blue Cross such that you do not need to foot the reimbursable part of the bill first. Prescribed medications are to be obtained from pharmacies (e.g., London Drugs, Save-On-Foods etc.).

You may wish to download the Pacific Blue Cross app to take pictures of bills and attach it in the claims section and submit it for (partial) reimbursement.  


Programs At SFU

SFU offers various free wellness programs, including drop-in live mindfulness sessions, asynchronous workout sessions, and free counselling services for students (postdoctoral-association eligible) and staff:

Outside SFU

SFU offers free membership that provides access to various recreation facilities in the city to postdoctoral-association. Postdocs are considered staff.

Volunteer in the community!

Additional resources

Food for your Mind + Body

Social Activities

Join our bi/weekly Game Nights, monthly Pub Socials (free snacks!), and quarterly events with UBC PDA! Check out the PDA Events page for up-to-date info.


Finally, depending on where you live, expenses on groceries may vary quite a bit. Some of the most affordable stores include Superstore, No Frills, and Marshalls. But don’t forget to support your local corner store!