Nomination Procedures

All nominations must be submitted in writing and should include the following:

  1. A nomination form completed by the nominator.
  2. A statement of nomination (maximum 300 words) addressing the following:
    1. How the nominee exemplifies the following qualities characterizing Distinguished Community Leadership:
      1. expression and execution of high purpose and service to SFU and the community at large
      2. impact in the community which authority alone would not explain
      3. innovative approaches to community concerns and aspirations
      4. persistent effort
      5. contribution to the creation of a strong sense of community.
    2. Why the nominee’s community leadership is outstanding.
  3. The nominee's current contact information, email address and connection to SFU (if any).
  4. Optional links to online information, or other attachments such as news articles, publications, etc., that would help the Committee's evaluation, are welcome.


The deadline for nominations is Monday, May 22, 2023.

Selection Guidelines

  • Nominations will be reviewed in terms of whether the nominee personifies SFU’s commitment to reconciliation, education, learning and growth—and creating an equitable, diverse and inclusive society for all (see
  • Nominations should reflect the social and cultural diversity of Canada and SFU.
  • Serving Canadian politicians will not normally be considered.
  • DCLAs are not awarded posthumously or in absentia.

It is the task of the Committee to investigate and judge each nominee’s relative merits and make recommendations to the President. The following questions can guide the deliberations on assessing candidates for this award:

  • Does this nominee represent the values of SFU?
  • In what ways is this nominee's leadership truly outstanding?
  • In what ways has SFU and the community at large benefited by the nominee's contributions?
  • Has this person been recognized previously, by either SFU or another organization?
  • Is it appropriate for SFU to honour this person at this time?


Nominations are reviewed by the Selection Committee in accordance with the award Terms of Reference and the selection guidelines. The selection of the President’s DCLA recipients requires the utmost care and confidentiality. Nominators should not discuss nominations with the nominee.

All recommendations for DCLAs received by SFU are held in strict confidence from the time they are received and are kept confidential in order to protect the privacy of nominees. When a recipient has been approved by the President and has accepted the award, the SFU community and the nominator will be informed.

Due to the need for strict confidentiality, nominators should not seek letters of support or reference. The Vice President, Advancement and Alumni Engagement, on behalf of the Committee, will contact the nominator should further information be required. Unfortunately, not all nominations are successful in any given year. The Committee may keep nominations active for a period of three years and additional material may be added to the nomination.

For further information, contact Fiona Wong, Strategic Leadership Coordinator, at 778.882.5532 or