Terms of Reference

  1. The award will be given to an individual(s) for their outstanding philanthropy and their distinguished contributions to SFU and the public good within the community.
  2. "Distinguished community leadership" will be characterized by qualities such as: 
    1. the expression and execution of high purpose and dedication to SFU and the community at large
    2. generously giving of time, talent and treasure
    3. impact in the community which authority alone would not explain
    4. innovative approaches to community concerns and aspirations
    5. persistent efforts to improve the public good, and people’s quality of life
    6. contribution to the creation of a strong sense of community and love of humanity
  3. Nominations will be sought by the President.
  4. Nominations will be sought each year but in any particular year an award need not necessarily be given.
  5. The award will be presented at an annual event.
  6. Posthumous awards will not be granted.
  7. The purpose of the award is: 
    1. to recognize philanthropic dedication to SFU and the wider community, and the importance of community leadership
    2. to honour those who have demonstrated community leadership
    3. to bring attention to Simon Fraser University’s donor community and the impact they are making

President’s Distinguished Community Leadership Award Selection Committee

  1. The Committee will be comprised of select Award recipients from the past three years, SFU’s President, the Vice President, Advancement and Alumni Engagement, and other members of the SFU community as determined appropriate by the President.
  2. Notice for nominations will be sought annually. Each nomination must be accompanied by a nomination statement as to why the individual is being nominated and an optional biography. The nominators will remain anonymous.
  3. The nominating committee shall meet to determine recipient(s).
  4. The nominees not selected for the Award in the current year will, at the discretion of the committee, be carried forward as nominees for the following year.