SFU and SFSS united in commitment to climate action

September 27, 2021

SFU and the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) are united in a shared commitment to take action regarding the climate crisis. Student advocates have been a critical part of informing and influencing the actions of the university throughout our history, and together we celebrate significant achievements.

Student and community activism is embedded in who we are at SFU. Collaboration and accountability are part of the way student advocates and the university work together to do more and to do better. Both groups value peaceful protest and honour the role it plays in improving society.

In the recent case of the SFU 350 climate action mural, we differ in interpretation of peaceful protest as it applies to university property. Due to these differing interpretations, student misconduct will not be pursued. After discussion, we have agreed that the mural will stay in place until the conclusion of the Board of Governor’s meeting. This provides time for the student group to ensure their voices and message have been heard.

We have also agreed that further discussion will be had regarding the importance of protecting the right to protest at SFU. We will share the outcome of that discussion with the SFU community.

We look forward to the SFU 350 presentation to the SFU Board of Governors this week, and to future opportunities to collaborate for the benefit of the SFU community and society as a whole.

Gabe Liosis
President, Simon Fraser Student Society

Joy Johnson
President, Simon Fraser University