Transforming Employment Narratives: Refugee Claimants and Equity in the Workplace

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In today's workplaces, there exists a glaring gap in our understanding and focus on the experiences of refugee claimants. They experience unique employment barriers when trying to establish a new life in Canada, and are often faced with a lack of knowledge and familiarity from employers about their status, strengths and needs. More so, their stories remain largely unexplored in the context of equitable recruitment, hiring, and staff care.

Refugee claimants’ experiences hold valuable lessons to reshape approaches to hiring and employment to help in creating inclusive, equitable and trauma-informed workplaces. By considering how organizations can support and nurture refugee claimants’ growth, we can apply equitable hiring practices to create a more welcoming and supportive environment for all.

What can we learn from refugee claimants' journeys about promoting equity in the workplace?

On October 25th, 2023, we heard the first-hand experiences of refugee claimants and employers. Gained insight on how they navigated the employment landscape and consider the challenges encountered along the way. By delving into their experiences and highlighting Kinbrace’s reflective practices on the employee-employer relationship, we strived to bridge the knowledge gap, foster inclusion, and ultimately, create workplaces that honour the principles of equity.

Wed, 25 Oct 2023


Morris J Wosk Centre for Dialogue

580 W Hastings St,

Vancouver, BC V6B 1L6

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