Introducing the SFU Public Square Peer Ambassador Program!

Wed, 13 Feb 2019

Kady Wong
Program Coordinator, SFU Public Square

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For the last two years, I have led SFU Public Square's student engagement portfolio. We currently have a great volunteer program, work-study program and occasionally welcome international students from abroad. However, something has always been missing; I have never quite figured out the best way to engage with the larger SFU student body.

In the summer of 2018 one of our amazing work-study students, Winnie Chang, came to us with an idea. She recognized how much more potential there was for SFU Public Square to engage students and pitched the idea of starting a student-led Peer Ambassador program. This semester, Winnie’s idea became a reality.

The SFU Public Square Peer Ambassador Program is an experiential learning program for SFU students that was designed to raise awareness of SFU Public Square and its community engagement activities on all three SFU campuses.

Five incredible undergraduate students have joined us to become the pilot cohort of Peer Ambassadors. Throughout the spring, they will be developing and implementing an engaging student-centered event that aligns with our 2019 Community Summit on Confronting the Disinformation Age. The cohort builds on the “by students, for students” program model that we have experimented with over the last few years.

By allowing our Peer Ambassadors to take the lead in creating programming for other students on the issues that matter most, our student engagement becomes more meaningful, relevant, and authentic. Plus, it helps make SFU’s campuses places that students want to spend their time outside of classes and fosters a real sense of belonging.

Now, without further ado, meet our first cohort of peers! They will be learning outside of the classroom, building their professional toolbox and engaging with fellow peers on issues that matter to them.

Trish Alvarez

Hello, my name is Trish Alvarez. I’m a fifth-year student studying Psychology and Global Asia studies. I’m interested in working with others to strive towards a goal of making a difference in other people's lives. I’m also interested in traveling to various places in order to establish connections with people who come from different cultural backgrounds.

Alex Aparicio

Hello, my name is Alex Aparicio. I am a third year International Studies student, self-proclaimed film buff, with a love for traveling. I am eager to begin my work in supporting the excellent initiative being put forward by SFU Public Square, and further engaging SFU and empowering the Vancouver community.

Hanna Araza

My name is Hanna. I study Communications and Publishing at SFU. I’m excited to be a part of SFU Public Square and contribute to important dialogue and engagement in our vibrant and diverse community. You can catch me studying at cafés, going to concerts, and trying to find the best Poké in Vancouver.

Jose Honoria

Hi everyone, my name’s Jose. I’m in my fourth year pursuing a degree in Business Administration, concentrating on Human Resources (HR) and Management Information Systems (MIS). An interesting tidbit about me is that I’m an avid reader of science-fiction and fantasy! I feel passionate about civic engagement and I’m excited to work with the SFU Public Square team and my fellow Peer Ambassadors in working towards events to engage students.

Misha Murphy

Hi, I’m Misha. I’m 20 and in 2nd year International Studies at SFU! I’m super excited to be working with SFU Public Square as a Peer Ambassador because I love the idea (and have always loved the idea) of creating a space where people can share information, meet new people, and get involved. I am very passionate about creating change, whether it be through ideas of action, for the better or among others who share the same passion.

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