Meet the SFU Public Square Team: Des'ree Isibor

Thu, 10 Feb 2022

Kim Regala
Communications and Events Coordinator, SFU Public Square

Back in the fall 2021 semester, we welcomed Des’ree Isibor to our team as a work-study Program Assistant. Des’ree is a third-year international SFU student studying business and communication. A lover of all things storytelling, Des’ree joined our team with experience in content strategy, public relations and writing. At the end of her work-study term, we sat down with Des’ree to reflect on her time with us, the new skills she has learned and some of her favourite and proudest moments at SFU Public Square.

Kim: What is your greatest personal learning from your time with SFU Public Square?

Des'ree: I have learned so much! Prior to joining SFU Public Square, I always admired the conversations from afar, but having worked and contributed to these events now, I have grown an even deeper appreciation for the team's work. I enjoyed every single event that I got to be a part of because of the valuable topics and the speakers who offered their wealth of wisdom. Through my time at SFU Public Square, I have learned to stay curious and engage in important conversations that affect us all.

What was the most satisfying part about working with the team?

The most satisfying part about my job was seeing how my work contributed to the overall success of the team—whether that was through writing copy for social media or conducting outreach to promote our events. Everyone at SFU Public Square brought lots of positivity and openness, and I felt so supported and part of the team!

What new skills will you take with you?

Research, copywriting and social media management skills. I really enjoyed conducting outreach and connecting with organizations and groups who would be interested in our events. I always got good feedback from everyone I reached out to, so I could tell that SFU Public Square has kept a great relationship with different communities, both within and outside of SFU. I also learned a lot about how to write for social media and tailor messages to cater to different audiences.

What did you do that you are most proud of during your time with SFU Public Square?

Tough question! I definitely enjoyed writing the recap articles for Lessons on Leadership with Martha Piper, Indira Samarasekera and Joy Johnson and Setting the Table for Food Justice with Tammara Soma. I nearly cried when Tammara herself recognized my article and thanked me in a tweet! I had been in a writing rut for a while and started to doubt my writing skills, but writing about these events reaffirmed my confidence. It makes me proud that I have two pieces published on SFU Public Square’s website as a lasting legacy.

Thank you for your incredible contributions, Des’ree! We wish you all the best in your future endeavours.