Thank you and farewell to Chloe and Kim

Tue, 31 May 2022

Doug Hamilton-Evans
Communications Manager

This month, we bid farewell to Chloe Sjuberg and Kim Regala who have added so much to our team over the last two years. And I wanted to take a moment to publicly thank them and celebrate their accomplishments.

Chloe – event promoter, newsletter wizard, “The Mummy” aficionado 

Chloe Sjuberg joined us in May 2020 for a short six-week contract to cover my parental leave. She quickly made her mark on the team and that contract was extended and extended again for two years.

Chloe has been the lead on our event promotions, writing and editing promo copy, building our web pages, coordinating with our partners, crafting speaking notes and much much more. She’s the pen behind our newsletters, which have seen a spike in subscriptions and engagement during her tenure. She’s a keen editor of articles and reports, and has offered strategic counsel in times of uncertainty, helping us improve how we work as a team. Most recently, she made significant contributions to our forthcoming guide on accessibility and inclusivity in community-engaged events (stay tuned). And somehow she managed to reference the 1999 film The Mummy starring Brendan Fraser into just about every team check in.

Kim – digital communicator, events coordinator, student engagement champion

Kim Regala joined us in the fall of 2020 as a communications assistant just after graduating from SFU. With her experience writing for The Peak, she proved to be an extraordinary digital communicator, holding the wheel of our social media channels and helping us craft new ways to engage with communities. Like Chloe, her contracts grew and multiplied and she took on new roles in event production and logistics as a communications and events coordinator, working behind the scenes to make our online, in-person and hybrid events hum with efficiency, accessibility and inclusion. 

Kim’s combined communications and event skills might best be represented by her work with our 2021/2022 Peer Educators. Helping shape a curriculum on community engagement with our program manager, Seth, she guided the peer educators in the design of Press Pause, a mental-wellness pop-up on SFU Burnaby and Surrey campuses, which drew in hundreds of students who helped shape the peer educators’ recommendations for how SFU can better support students' mental health.

Thank you and farewell

It’s challenging to really sum up what both Kim and Chloe brought to our team though. Their energy, the sense of camaraderie they brought, the culture they shaped –– it’s all that intangible, ineffable stuff that really makes a team. What I’m trying to say is that they’ll be missed. All of us at SFU Public Square feel privileged to have worked with and learned from them. And we wish them the best on the great things they do next.