Meet the SFU Public Square Team: Gabrielle Parent

Wed, 22 Feb 2023

Yeow Beng Ng
Communications Assistant, SFU Public Square

Meet Gabrielle – SFU Public Square’s new Communications Lead! With a BA in Anthropology and Greek and Roman Studies from the University of Victoria, Gabrielle often refers to herself as an accidental communications professional. But after a series of internships, Gabrielle’s love for storytelling led to her discovery of the communications field. As a queer woman, avid reader, and amateur writer, Gabrielle believes in the power of storytelling in uniting a community, sharing perspectives, and enacting social change.

Beng: What drew you to working with SFU Public Square?

Gabrielle: My work experiences prior to SFU Public Square were within the realm of politics. I interned at the Senate, the Legislative Assembly of BC, and then managed the communications at the Office of the Seniors Advocate of BC. Although I enjoyed those roles and learned valuable skills, I found myself looking for opportunities to engage more directly with communities and various educational efforts. I was hoping to work with an organization where continual learning and community engagement were core objectives and beliefs. That is what drew me to SFU Public Square!

What are you most eager to tackle in this new role at SFU Public Square?

I am really looking forward to engaging with SFU students! During my time in university, I loved attending talks and presentations similar to the ones Public Square hosts, and I really want to see SFU students excited about Public Square. Having more student volunteers, increasing the number of students attending our events, hosting students in co-ops – those are some efforts that I’m really looking forward to tackling!

What do you love most about the world of communications?

I love that it changes every day! The organized chaos that often comes with a role in communications is something I honestly love and I think that I thrive within that sort of an environment. I also love the challenges that come with communications – finding the right word to make a sentence stand out, promoting an organization and event through various media forms, engaging with people on social media – it's fun and exciting!

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Nobody thinks about you as much as you do. It sounds dire, I know, but honestly, it’s helped! As a young queer woman, I’ve often dealt with imposter syndrome and anxiety within a working environment, but that advice has truly helped me get out of my own head.

What book are you currently reading?

At the minute, I’m very into fantasy novels and I am currently working my way through Fire & Blood – the history of the Targaryen family from Game of Thrones. And I’m also reading The Shining by Stephen King!

Outside of work, what's been keeping you busy these days?

I’m getting to know Vancouver and my neighbourhood! I’m quite new to the city, having lived in Victoria for the past six years, so I’m really enjoying exploring pockets of Vancouver, finding hidden gems, drinking overpriced London Fogs, and stopping at every single bookstore I walk past.

Please join us in welcoming Gabrielle to the SFU Public Square team!