Meet the SFU Public Square Team: Sofia Sokic

Tue, 03 Oct 2023

Gabrielle Parent
Communications Lead, SFU Public Square

Meet Sofia Sokic – the new Program Assistant and Work Study student at SFU Public Square! Sofia is a 3rd year Communications student at Simon Fraser University. She believes teamwork is an essential tool to building a productive and positive community. Sofia’s passion for design, media, community building, and teamwork inspired her interest to join SFU Public Square as a Work Study student. She is excited to be apart of making positive change within SFU and the broader Vancouver community. In her spare time, she enjoys being with loved ones, exercising, reading, and enjoying the few moments of peace outside of the busy schedule of a university student.

Gabrielle: What inspired you to work with SFU Public Square?

I wanted to work with SFU Public Sqaure to expand my knowledge on the many different kinds of communities within Vancouver. I have always wanted to immerse myself in diffferent cultures and groups seperate from mine as I believe that there always a common ground that can be found within different groups. SFU Public Sqaure is a great space to cultivate that common ground. 

Can you tell me a bit more about your studies at SFU? What has been an impactful moment in your academic journey so far?

I started off at SFU as a History major as that was my greatest interest during my time in high school. After taking a first year communications class, I found my passion in media and design and was set in communications from that point forward. My most impactful moment had to have been when I first met my sister-in-law, who has a BA in Communications and Media Studies, as she inspired me follow a path into communications. 

We're excited to have you on our team and bring your skills to the office! What are you most eager to tackle during your Work Study?

Thanks! I think I am most excited to learn about the ways SFU Public Square builds communities and brings people from different walks of life together. As this is a job more closely pertained to my field of interest, I am excited to collaborate with everyone in this organization to learn about how they work and what they do. 

What book/music/podcast/article have you recently read/listened to and enjoyed? 

I have really enjoyed diving back into books this year – I took the time to find my love of reading again! I especially like reading romance novels, its definetly my most read genre. I am super passionate about music so my Spotify is a mix of everything and I have about a million song lyrics memorized in most genres but especially 2000s music. 

I imagine school and work take up lots of your time, but what else has been keeping you busy these days?

All the free time I have is usually spent doing something and being on the move. I love staying active and going to the gym on school days. In the winter time, when the mountains have enough snow, I love to ski! I have been skiing since I was three so the mountains and snow are a bit of a comfort for me. Other than activites, I try to allocate time dedicated to being with the people who mean the most to me.

Please join us in welcoming Ina to the SFU Public Square team!