Meet the SFU Public Square Team: Yeow Beng Ng

Mon, 06 Feb 2023

Gabrielle Parent
Communications Lead, SFU Public Square

Meet Beng – our latest co-op student taking on the role of Communications Assistant! Traveling from Malaysia, Beng is currently in the 4th year of his Communication Major journey at SFU. His core passions are community and art, which he demonstrates through his hobby of producing music covers, and volunteering for charities and student societies. Beng ultimately hopes to support a platform for unheard voices through his work at SFU Public Square. Get to know Beng in this interview!

Gabrielle: What drew you to a co-op with SFU Public Square?

Beng: I was drawn by the community driven projects and events done by Public Square. As a person of relative privilege, I’ve always desired to use it to help those in need; and Public Square seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to take the first step.

When deciding to pursue a university education, what led you to communications? What do you like most about the world of comms?

To be honest, I just really didn’t want to do math! However, once I got into Communications, I was charmed by how the topics discussed and taught were so introspective of the biases permeating both society and myself.  What I love about the world of comms is how relevant and applicable it is, especially considering the ever intrinsic integration of media into the fabric of society and daily life.

What are you most looking forward to working on or learning while at SFU Public Square?

I definitely look forward to contributing my ideas towards the branding and message of Public Square! I am also eager to familiarize myself with managing multiple social media platforms consistently.

Tell us about your past work with student societies. What are some highlights?

A highlight would definitely be my time with the SFU Communication Student Union as a Design Coordinator, as it was my first foray into activities outside my academics. It was where I gained my foundations for my professional career.

Which musician or band that you are currently listening to on repeat? 

An artist that has been on repeat recently on my Spotify is “The 1975”. I’m really enjoying their new album Being Funny In a Foreign Language and would definitely recommend it to everyone!

Outside of work, what's been keeping you busy these days?

Ever since the pandemic, I’ve made it my goal to finally pursue and develop my interests. As such, my free time now mainly consists of me dabbling in music and soccer; and very inconsistently reading!

Please join us in welcoming Beng to the SFU Public Square team!