Past Events


  • June 14, 2021
    Beyond COVID: Reimagining our City Centres: Vancouver
    Many of us are anxious for this pandemic to be over. While we don't know what these next few months will bring, or exactly when our cities will open, there is a growing opportunity now to identify how they will open when they do. Come join other residents and share your thoughts and ideas about how we can revive our city centres. Hosted in partnership with SFU Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue, along with our community and campus partners, Beyond COVID: Reimagining Our City Centres will be a fun, creative virtual dialogue, where you get to play the role of city planner and share ideas for restoring and revitalizing your city centre. This is a chance to dream the possible—for ourselves and for generations to come. This event is free, and no experience is necessary. Just bring your imagination! Don't want to join alone? Bring a friend.
  • June 02, 2021
    Public Internet Access
    Join us to discuss how Canada can better support our public internet infrastructure for the marginalized communities who rely on them and for everyone.
  • June 01, 2021
    Pandemics and Borders: How to Manage Travel Restrictions More Effectively
  • May 19, 2021
    Researching for Climate Justice
  • May 19, 2021
    People with Disabilities and Accessibility
    Join us to hear from experts, policy-makers and those with lived experiences as we try to unpack these questions and generate solutions for more accessible online spaces. The discussion will be followed by breakout rooms focused on workshopping innovative policy solutions to bridge divides in internet accessibility.