BC Population Prosperity Initiative
2013 Spring Dialogue Series

About BCPPI 2013 Spring Dialogue Series

In partnership with the School for Public Policy and the BCPPI, SFU Public Square is presenting the 2013 Spring Dialogue Series. These public dialogues will be on a range of topics that impact our community. The dialogues are intended to generate public input on policy options to support provincial prosperity and are taking place from 7:00 to 9:00 pm on Feb. 19, Mar. 26, and April 23, 2013 at SFU Vancouver.


Our featured speaker will present on their whitepaper, which will be available online in advance, and our discussants will respond and provide commentary. Dialogue particpants will then have a chance to ask questions of the panel. Following this, participants will, in small groups, engage in a facilitated democratic dialogue and consider if the suggested public policy will enhance the prosperity of British Columbians.

A faciliator and note-taker will be provided to help guide the discussion, and to record the group's agreements, disagreements and recommendations. The dialogue results will be collated and posted on the BCPPI website within two weeks following the event. 

We are interested in your opinion!

All dialogues are free and open to the public; advance registration is required.


Launched in December 2012, the BC Population Prosperity Initiative (BCPPI) is a new endeavour of the School of Public Policy

The goal of the BC Population Prosperity Initiative is to look at public policy options, engage the public to determine the most feasible options, and answer the question: What do the people of BC want in order to raise prosperity overall? 

BCPPI will produce several reports annually on key social and economic issues important to British Columbians. To encourage discussion and awareness of the issues, these reports will be distributed widely to the media and public events will be organized in partnership with SFU Public Square. See Public Dialogues for more details. 

Another key function of BCPPI is access to BC Progress Board data covering the period 1990-2010, related to various aspects of BC’s economic and social performance. The datasets are available here.

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Contact us: Questions or comments? Email: public_square@sfu.ca

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