Upcoming Events

  • Centering Indigenous Joy: A Celebration of Literature, Arts, and Creativity

    2023, Equity + Justice, Indigenous Voices, Arts + Culture

    In recognition of National Indigenous Peoples Day, we are thrilled to host a celebration of Indigenous literature, art, and creativity.

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  • Empowering Communities to Endure Climate Disasters

    2023, Climate + Environment, Cities, Community Building

    With the mounting climate crisis, British Columbians can expect more floods, fires and other disasters in their future. This online event brings together experts to discuss how resilience can begin with empowered communities and the ways to mitigate risks. Hear from people personally impacted by climate disasters and consider how we can come together to heal and rebuild after devastation.

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  • Surrey Policing: Discussing the Way Forward

    2023, Cities

    Who should provide policing is now one of Surrey’s defining political questions. Will the transition to a municipal police force continue or will Surrey begin relying again on the services of Canada’s RCMP? Sound bites from politicians on this question have made it more difficult for voters to assess the complex options available to their community. To discuss these questions, Simon Fraser University’s Department of Political Science and SFU Surrey have assembled a forum of experts from SFU and the Surrey community. Experts and advocates with a range of perspectives, alongside the event’s audience, will discuss the future of municipal policing in Surrey and the politics that surround it.

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