By Christopher Levenson

Poet Christopher Levenson writes a lunch poem for Lunch Poems at SFU.

This poem first appeared in Write, the official magazine of the Writers Union of Canada.

Listening  to words spun out
at a lunchtime poetry gig,
from the corner of my eye, I see
a man on a rope,  no action hero,
by the walls of  the building opposite,
as somewhere above
on the roof  as he rappels
downwards from floor to floor
a   creaking winch  pays out
lengths of hawser, a bucket .

Poets and window cleaners
hone the same  precarious skills,
practise  a tricky balance
to make us see more clearly.

                                        Christopher Levenson


CHRISTOPHER LEVENSON is originally from London, England, settled in Ottawa in 1968, where he taught English and Creative Writing, and was first editor of Arc magazine. He has published eleven books of poetry. His most recent, Night Vision (Quattro Books, 2014), which involves mainly socio-political and ecological concerns, was short listed for the Governor General's Award for poetry. He has travelled widely, living in Germany and the Netherlands. Now at home in Vancouver, he is an enthusiastic promoter of South Asian writing in English.