Lunch Poems at SFU | Mercedes Eng and Betsy Warland


Wed, 17 Apr 2013 12:00 PM

Featured Poets

Mercedes Eng is a teacher and writer in Vancouver, unceded Coast Salish land. She is the author of Mercenary English (CUE Books), which explores the potential of documentary poetics. Her work has appeared in West Coast Line, Canada and Beyond, The Capilano Review, and Geist.


Teck Gallery in SFU’s Harbour Centre Campus 515 West Hasting Street, Vancouver, BC

Betsy Warland is a creative nonfiction writer, poet, essayist, teacher, manuscript consultant, and editor. She has published eleven books of creative nonfiction and poetry.

Perhaps most known for her language-focused writing and ways of working with silence, Betsy finds as much meaning in scoring blank space on the page as she does in inscribing written language. The unsayable, the secreted, the unknowable: these are her obsessions – how we encounter them in lover relationships, family, a homophobic society, a mono-truth society and the inner work of spiritual practice.

Dedicated to emerging writers, Betsy is the former Director of SFU's The Writer’s Studio (2000 - 2011).

More about Betsy Warland and her work can be found on her website,