Parin Dossa
Envisioning Social Justice From the Margins

My work as a Muslim anthropologist has compelled me to explore social justice from the margins of society. Margins are spaces animated by stories, voices, memories and embodied knowledge that are all of much value in our collective struggles against systemic oppression and the endemic violence of racism.

Research participants, primarily Muslim women from Canada, Afghanistan, Kenya and India, reveal the importance of engaging in conversations and dialogue across deep divides between the East and the West, between reason and affect, and between material and spiritual worlds. This orientation constitutes part of emergent social justice work from the bottom up.

In this lecture, I will draw on transformative stories of Muslim women (homelands and diasporas) to reveal ambiguities and challenges in reversing systemic injustice. Building on this critique, I will explore how we can mobilize marginality to enact alternative, imaginative and social justice-oriented possibilities — potential pathways for a better world.

— Parin Dossa

Parin Dossa

Dr. Parin Dossa, Professor of Anthropology, received her education on three continents: Africa, Britain and North America. Her teaching and research interests include migration and diaspora, gender, health and social palliation, ethnographic methods, and structural violence in war and peace. Her work on Muslim women in the homelands and diaspora has resulted in interrelated projects published in edited collections and scholarly journals. She is the author of Racialized Bodies, Disabling Worlds: Storied Lives of Immigrant Muslim Women (2009); Politics and Poetics of Migration: Narratives of Iranian Women from the Diaspora (2004); Afghanistan Remembers: Narratives of Violence and Culinary Practices (2014); Social Palliation: Canadian Muslims’ Storied Lives on Living and Dying (2020); and Transnational Aging and Reconfigurations of Kin Work (2017), edited with Cati Coe. Learn more about Dr. Dossa’s work here.

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Tuesday, February 09, 2021

6:00 PM


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