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The Future We Want: The Change We Need

The future we want will not be achieved by applying the solutions of yesterday to the challenges facing our city and communities today. In collaboration with Simon Fraser University, the City of Vancouver presents The Future We Want: The Change We Need — a free, online, interactive dialogue series that brings together new and varied perspectives and ideas to shape the transformative social, economic and physical changes we need.    

This series will invite knowledge keepers, thought leaders, changemakers and community members to discuss, deliberate and share their thoughts on the future of the City of Vancouver. These dialogues will contribute to the Planning Vancouver Together planning process, informed by policy analysis, scenario development and public engagement, to create a new, long-term strategic citywide plan looking to 2050 and beyond. 

Each of the six conversations in this series will address the biggest challenges standing in the way of achieving our goals; and new ideas – big and small – to help unlock our collective potential as a truly just, resilient, sustainable, affordable and culturally vibrant Vancouver.

The Future We Want: The Change We Need is an event series hosted by the City of Vancouver in partnership with Simon Fraser University.

Past events

A discussion on the future of the streets, places and spaces that shape our everyday experience of Vancouver.

How can the city support a vibrant, inclusive new economic landscape now and into the future?

What is our best thinking about how to ensure Vancouver's neighbourhoods are more liveable and meet diverse needs?

How must the City of Vancouver think differently about housing and the housing market to better meet the needs of its residents?

In light of the impact COVID-19 has had on our lives, what does planning for the next three decades of Vancouver mean?