Intertidal Community Day August 2021

2021 Marshall's Beach Community Gathering
Some of the rock walls that form the main fish trap on Marshall’s Beach
Photo: Ken Lertzman

On August 19th - 20th, 2021, we had the great pleasure of hosting members of Tla’amin Nation on Xwe’etay for two days of visiting and sharing ideas about heritage.   

On the 19th,  more than 20 Xwe’etay islanders came out to share food and stories with our Tla’amin neighbours.   

The next day it was so wonderful to be with the more than 80 islanders who showed up on “Marshall’s Beach" to learn about the many intertidal management features and the ancient settlement on the beach, and of course to meet our Tla’amin guests. The ancient settlement on Marshall’s Beach is one of the largest on the island.  It shows the extent that the ancestral Xwe’etay islanders altered and managed the marine and terrestrial environments to create a long-lasting, flourishing large community.   

It was a great day.  A highlight for many of us was when all of us said in unison the Northern Coast Salish name for the Island: Xwe’etay.

Visit our language page to hear Dr. Elsie Paul say the island’s name correctly!

This is just the beginning of many more inter-community events.

2021 Marshall's Beach Community Gathering
One of the intertidal fish traps on Marshall’s Beach.This one is part of a complex in Lenny’s Lagoon.The lagoon itself was largely created by Indigenous Peoples placing shells on a narrow strip of land at the opening of the lagoon
Photo: Ken Lertzman

2021 Marshall's Beach Community Gathering
Community  members learning about a rock wall fish trap
Photo: Lucas Earl