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Institute for Neuroscience and Neurotechnology

Simon Fraser University's (SFU) Institute for Neuroscience and Neurotechnology (INN) is a cross-disciplinary research hub that will empower SFU researchers to engage in cutting-edge neuroscience research and collaboration. Come help us build the INN.

About the INN

As Canada’s engaged university, SFU is a leader in innovative research, comprehensive education, and community and global outreach. With the INN, we are investing in—and building upon—our considerable expertise in brain imaging, neurobiology of development and disease, diagnostics, technology development, social behavioral research, youth mental health, addiction, aging and philosophy of mind. 

The INN will be SFU’s hub for neuroscience research, training and community engagement. It connects SFU researchers from a broad range of disciplinary areas and opens pathways for us to grow our capacity for innovative, relevant and translational research in neuroscience and neurotechnology. Addressing brain disorders that affect us across the lifespan, the INN will support SFU researchers to understand and develop novel treatments with an inclusive, community-based approach.

The INN’s three main functions are to:  

  • Stimulate interdisciplinary research to build a more effective link between the translational aspect of neuroscience to clinical and commercial uses; 
  • Facilitate the formation of teams and research themes in order to increase collaboration among SFU researchers and develop highly competitive research grant proposals aimed at major funding agencies; and 
  • Become a neurotech hub to support neuroscience research, including support for neuroimaging acquisition and analysis, informatics and data pipelines, and computational modelling.  

Embedded in all three functions is the INN’s commitment to educating trainees in neuroscience research and facilitating their career development. 

BC Leadership Chair in Neuroscience and Technology Translation Across the Lifespan

black and white photo of Randy McIntosh, Director of the INN and BC Leadership Chair

Answers to critical questions in neuroscience lie at a pivotal intersection between a broad range of disciplines. These solutions also require the engagement of end users and stakeholders in all stages of research. In order to meet these challenges, SFU has appointed scientist and professor Randy McIntosh as SFU’s BC Leadership Chair in Neuroscience and Technology Translation Across the Lifespan.

A renowned scientific leader with a proven record of accomplishment in neuroscience research, Randy McIntosh will play a central leadership role in creating and implementing a vision for the next phase of engaged and impactful imaging and neuroscience research at SFU.

For questions about the INN, please contact

The BC Leadership Chair is supported by the Leading Edge Endowment Fund (LEEF) program, a multi-million endowment established by the Government of British Columbia.