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PeopleSoft is the system of record for Fund 30s research project information. This information is relayed to the research community through the AWARD LIST in FAST.

FAST AWARD LIST views allow you to see your Fund 30s research project information at a glance. If you do not have access, please contact Research Accounting.

New FAST Views

Yes, training is available as listed on this site.

FAST Award List is limited to  research projects in Funds 31, 32, 35, and 36

All new (not converted) project set up in FAST have the following supporting documents automatically attached to the project, accessible in the Award List report, if applicable:

Notice of Award
Signed agreement/contract
CAM (Contract Approval Memo)
Guarantees (Non-Payment Guarantee, Re-payment guarantee, etc.)
Indemnity approval
CFI Award Agreements/Institutional Agreement
CFI Approved line-item Budget Document

FAST displays statuses. If a project is "A" - "Awarded" it means the project is awarded but cannot spend.  If status is  "O" for "Open" or "E" for Partially-related Budget, then you can spend.

Please note that these documents have already been shared with PIs, Departments and Faculties through email at the time of account setup and it is assumed that stakeholders have a process for saving and accessing all documents they require for their compliance activities. If a document cannot be found, requests to upload attachments to converted projects should be sent to and must identify the specific project and PI for which the upload has been requested.  ORS will endeavor to upload attachments within 5 business days and will reply to the requestor once the upload has been completed.  The following documents are within scope for FAST access:

  • Notice of Award document
  • Signed agreement/contract
  • CAM (Contract Approval Memo)
  • Guarantees (Non-Payment Guarantee, Re-payment guarantee, etc)
  • Confirmations
  • Attestations
  • Indemnity approval
  • CFI Award Agreements/Institutional Agreement 
  • CFI Approved line-Item Budget Document

Major milestones (financial reporting, invoicing, etc) are programmed in at the time of receiving the Notice of Award by ORS. Unusual terms are listed in the Contract Approval Memo (CAM). Financial terms will be highlighted yellow in the final contract document for quick reference to all stakeholders.  At this time, there is no visual indicator in FAST to bring attention to these details. If there are questions, RS and RA are always available to assist.

•    Financial compliance (non-collection, company not paying).
•    Non compliance with PI progress reporting. 
•    Overspending, where Research Accounting, Research Services  and Department will need to have a conversation


Yes, you must always estimate the average bi-weekly hours an hourly project resource will charge to the project.  If you leave this field blank, the system will automatically calculate as if the resource were to be working full-time on your project, resulting in an over-encumbrance. This will make it appear as if you have allocated more funds for this resource than you intended. 

All project resource encumbrances for Fund 30s research projects will be calculated on the basis of the project budget year. 

Last updated: November 10, 2023