History 448 - The Scots in the Atlantic World

Special Event: 78th Fraser Highlanders Assocation of Vancouver Historical Demonstration for Scottish Studies Students

March 01, 2019

Date: March 5th
Time: 3:30PM - 4:30PM
Location: Athletics Field #2 (next to Beedie Softball Diamond)

The Centre for Scottish Studies is hosting a visit from the 78th Fraser Highlanders of Vancouver Association on March 5th for students of HIST 448 - The Scots in the Atlantic World, taught by Dr. Katie McCullough. This will be the 78th Fraser's third visit to campus.

The 78th Frasers will arrive in dress uniforms and give a short talk on the history of the regiment and the equipment that was used circa ~1760, including a demonstration of the famous "Brown Bess" black-powder muskets.

The event will take place on Athletics Field #2, next to the Beedie Softball Diamond at 3:30PM. Everyone is welcome to attend!

Please contact histcomm@sfu.ca if you have any questions about this event.

To find out more about the 78th Fraser Highlanders Association of Vancouver, please visit their website.