In April, 2013, SFU's Research Centre for Scottish Studies launched its Scots in BC: Transatlantic Traces website at our annual Tartan Day celebration. Scots in BC: Transatlantic Traces was the first website to represent the history of Scottish sojourners and settlers in the territory that has now become the province of British Columbia. Created by then Director of the Research Centre, Professor Leith Davis, and Research Assistant, Dr. Emma Pink, the site included “Contexts,” an animated “Timeline” and an interface for users to upload their own stories of emigration. It was state of the art -- for 2013! 

We have reproduced here some of the research from that earlier site hoping that it will continue to encourage newer projects and investigations. 

In addition, the Reseach Centre will be launching a new project to preserve the stories of Scots in BC, “Scottish BC Immigrant Stories.” We invite you to explore the stories there and to get in touch with us at if you have stories, photos or other material relevant to the story of Scots in BC that you would like to share with our community.